About us

CAPI is a Collaborative Academic practice for Public health Infectious diseases. Since January 2023, five Academic Practices for Public Health (in Dutch: Academische Werkplaatsen Publieke Gezondheid or AWPG) started working together to strengthen the scientific knowledge structure for the control of infectious diseases and pandemic preparedness at the Dutch public health service (GGD). This initiative is part of the third pillar of the VIP program.


Topics and activities

CAPI enables a structure for 8 doctoral students and 8 annual researchers across the five AWPGs. Within this structure, CAPI provides a continuous educational program focused on enhancing knowledge in scientific thinking and research.

To ensure that research results generated by the public health services (GGD) are shared with the rest of the scientific community, CAPI organizes an annual research symposium. At this gathering, research conducted by, and relevant for, the Public Health Services is presented.

The research, the educational program and the symposium cover 9 topics in the field of infectious diseases.


The purpose of CAPI is to generate and apply scientific knowledge within the Dutch Public Health Services (GGD). This is necessary ro install better evidence-based practices and to make evidence-based policies. thanks to scientific knowledge, it is possible to make infectious disease prevention and outbreak control more effective in a constantly changing world. This goal was established by the CAPI Steering Committee and developed into an academization plan.

A schematic view of the way CAPI works. Research, practice and education.

Our team

CAPI is a collaboration between the five Academic Practices for Public Health (AWPGs) in the Netherlands that focus on topics related to infectious diseases.
These are:

Visit for more information about the AWPGs or visit each AWPGs website.

Steering Committee

CAPI’s Steering Committee is constituted of a program leader and a program coordinator for each AWPG. The team is supported by a management assistant and a communications consultant.


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  • dr. Diane de Zwart

    Program leader

    Dr. Diane de Zwart is a senior researcher at AWPG Lumens.

    She also works as an infectious disease physician at GGD Hollands Midden.

  • Jonna Wijburg, MSc

    Program coordinator

    Jonna Wijburg, MSc. works at AWPG CEPHIR as CAPI program coordinator.

    She is also part of the research group of GGD Rotterdam-Rijnmond.

  • Prof.dr. Christian J.P.A. Hoebe

    Program leader and chairman

    Physician Epidemiologist Society & Health Infectious Disease Control is head of department of AWPG Mosa within GGD Zuid-Limburg and is chairman and professor of the Department of Social Medicine at Maastricht University.

    He is also a staff member at the Department of Medical Microbiology, Infectious Diseases and Infection Prevention at Maastricht UMC+ and the Chlamydia trachomatis reference laboratory.

  • Dr. Hélène Voeten

    Program leader

    Dr. Hélène Voeten is coordinator for GGD Rotterdam-Rijnmond, AWPG CEPHIR and lead for the topic CEPHIR – Infectious Diseases.

    She is also working as a senior researcher and involved in research across the range of infectious disease control.

  • Elfi Brouwers, MSc

    Program coordinator and secretary

    Elfi Brouwers, MSc. works at AWPG Mosa within GGD Zuid-Limburg in the position of researcher-epidemiologist as project coordinator.

    She is also a PhD candidate working on the topic ‘prevention of hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV in high-risk groups’.

  • Tessa van der Bruggen, MSc

    Program coordinator

    Tessa van der Bruggen, MSc works at AWPG AMPHI-Infectious Diseases as CAPI program coordinator.

    She is also part of the Research Steering Committee at GGD Hart voor Brbant.

  • Dr. Jeannine Hautvast

    Program leader

    Dr. Jeannine Hautvast, physician Society & Health is coordinator of AWPG AMPHI-Infectious Diseases and works as senior researcher and lecturer at the Department of Primary Care Medicine of the Radboudumc.

    She also works at GGD Gelderland-Zuid as a doctor in infectious disease control and travel counseling. She is also a supervisor of medical students in the 2nd phase of the course physician Society & Health.

  • Dr. Janneke Heijen

    Program leader

    Dr. Janneke Heijne is project leader at AWPG Sarphati Initiatief and head of the Research and Prevention development team of the Infectious Diseases Department of the GGD Amsterdam.

  • Dr. Ellen Generaal

    Program coordinator

    Dr. Ellen Generaal is secretary at AWPG Sarphati Initiatief and postdoc researcher with the Research and Prevention development team of the Infectious Diseases Department of the GGD Amsterdam.

  • dr. Anja van der Schoor

    Program coordinator

    Dr. Anja van der Schoor works at AWPG Lumens as CAPI program coordinator.

    She also works as quartermaster of Infectious Disease Control for AWPG Lumens, GGD Haaglanden and GGD Hollands Midden.